What to do with my old gaming blog

I’m enjoying using micro.blog so far. I was originally looking at it mostly as a way to replace twitter, assuming I’d mostly just make short posts like I do over there, with only occasional longer posts. But I’m actually finding the interface and such have led me to feel more interested in writing up longer posts than I expected. This maybe what finally gets me back into more regular blogging.

Which brings me to the issue of what to do with my old gaming blog. I started it years ago to try to talk and think about tabletop gaming more. As a place to sort of collect my thoughts and share that sort of content in a more open way than somewhere like Google+ (which has a weirdly large and active tabletop gaming community). But I didn’t really keep up with it and it’s languished there for a while.

I don’t want to get rid of it, and I’d like to keep talking about that sort of stuff, at least form time to time. But I think one (small) part of the reason I never really got too regular about posting to it was the interface and trying to do too much with the site. I don’t really like the web I interface for posting to blogger, and I never really found any iOS clients that worked well for me. But as mentioned above I’ve been enjoying micro.blog and it’s got me excited about writing again. Anyway, I’d like to move the old blog away from blogger, but I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with it.

For now I may just move my old gaming blog to wordpress and see how that goes. I used blogger at the start because it seemed simpler, but I’ve come to not really like the interface too much, and the options for posting to it from iOS aren’t great (or weren’t the last time I was at all regularly posting). It seems like there are a lot better tools for posting to/managing wordpress blogs at this point (including some of the same tools which I can use to post to micro.blog!).

Longer term I’m not sure. I might eventually end up just importing the posts into this blog, or I might eventually set up a second micro.blog hosted blog to take over, or if I like wordpress well enough I might just leave it there.

I’m not sure if it makes sense to keep it as a separate blog, or just consolidate the posts into one blog here that’s more general in nature. Anyway, it seems like moving it over to wordpress will give me more options in the future and seems like it’ll be a necessary intermediate step if I do want to move it over to micro.blog (in either scenario), so I might as well do that soon.

Anyway, this is really just me thinking out loud to myself about my options and what I want to do, but doing so in semi-public somehow seems to help me sort things out, but if people have specific advice I would be happy to hear it!

Stephen B @DrOct