What I'd like to see in a new smaller iPhone

Even though I don’t have an iPhone SE I am sad that there isn’t (currently) a smaller sized iPhone for sale anymore. I’d love to see a replacement small phone that is basically an iPhone X style phone, (bezel-less, notch etc.) but with a screen somewhere in the size neighborhood of the screen on the iPhone 7 and 8. It’d basically be like an iPhone 7 or 8 with no chin or forehead. I think this would satisfy a lot of people who want a smaller sized phone, while also not leaving developers having to plan for screens that run from the size of the SE’s all the way up to the XS Max. While I think this would be a good replacement for the size category of the SE I wouldn’t expect this to be a replacement for its price segment. In my mind this would be a full-fledged member of the X family, with no, or very few compromises on the internals, just a smaller screen (but physically much smaller body). So, if there was a price break I would expect it to be on the order of $100 less than the XS or XR (depending on which “line” they decided to put it in). I was a reluctant upgrader to the iPhone 6 when it came out just because of the size, but at the time my phone was in rough shape and I wanted to be sure I got the best tech specs. I held on to that until upgrading to the 8 last year. I’ve definitely come to appreciate the bigger screen, but I still miss the smaller size of the old phones, and if Apple had kept updating the SE with newer tech specs there’s a very good chance that I would have bought that when it came time to upgrade from my 6, even if it had cost roughly the same as the 8 I upgraded to. I think a phone like this would be a great successor and would satisfy a lot of people (like me) who were interested in the SE more for its size than its price.

Stephen B @DrOct