Welcome to Gamma World B!@#$'s!

So last night we were down a player, and had another player uncertain of his availability up to the last minute.  So we decided to put our regular D&D game on hold and give Gamma World a try.

Unfortunately we didn’t really get much actual play time in, due in large part to traffic and such meaning most of us were late getting there.  But we did have a pretty good time with character generation, and deciding on all the details for the characters.  I may suggest we play our next session as a Gamma World game too.  We’ll just roll up a new character for the player missing last session.

So who did we meet last night?

First up was Toucan Sam, a very down to earth mutant vulture (Hawkoid/Gravity Controller).  He wears a very thick Canadian Tuxedo (with jorts) and wields a parking meter as his main weapon.  He loves his pickup truck and his riding horse (who generally spends time in the back of the pickup).

Next we met a good friend of Toucan Sam’s, Aero Gordon.  Mr. Gordon is an android who’s developed a symbiotic relationship with a plant creature of some sort that allows him to run on photosynthesis, and provides some armor (under his business suit of course).  He wields a piece of rebar with some concrete on the end.  Aero Gordon also owns a pickup truck (their shared enthusiasm for trucks is what sparked the friendship between Mr. Gordon and Mr. Sam), a wagon, and has replaced his original eyes with night vision eyes.

Next up the group was introduced Teriyaki Jackson, the most charming and charismatic man any of these people have ever met.  He’s a telepath, and a pyromancer who occasionally bursts into flames.  As a result, even though Aero Gordon likes Teriyaki a lot, he always keeps his physical distance, (the plant part of Aero is very afraid of fire).  Teriyaki Jackson wears a suit of Samurai Armor he managed to loot from the Smithsonian, as well as a messenger bag containing his laptop.  He’s armed with a potato gun that fires radioactive potatoes. He’s also got a hairless kitten that often spends time on his shoulder.  Jackson often carries around five gallons of gasoline, despite his tendency to burst into flames, and the fact that he’s extremely clumsy.

Finally we met BenJarvus Maximillian, a very fast Yeti.  BenJarvus wears football pads, and home insulation strapped to his body with a whole lot of chains.  In addition he wears a soup pot with a space cut out for his face as a helmet and keeps a pair of nightvision goggles on his forehead ready for action at all times.  He likes to hit things with the axel from a car (which still has a tire on one end).  He’s both quite strong and fast, though not particularly smart. But he speaks with a British accent, so many people don’t notice that he’s not that bright.  He also owns a generator, which he occasionally lets Teriyaki Jackson use to power his laptop.

I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures this motley crew gets up to, and who they might meet along the way. 🎲

Stephen B @DrOct