Warp Riders 3

Ok! More on my crazy mash-up setting inspired by a metal album! (The first entry about this is here, the second here). This time I’ll give some information from the perspective of the night side!

- Though visible from space, the day side of the planet is not a good place to land. Even in an emergency. No one can remember anyone who landed there ever returning.

- They say that the entire day side of the planet is heavily warded from teleportation and scrying from the outside. Some say even the Raven Queen cannot bypass these wards!

- The night side of the planet, especially Gloomwrought is a common stoping off point for Spelljammers piloted by pirates and other unsavory characters.

- They say if you look hard enough you can find almost anything in Gloomwrought’s markets, but it may cost you more than gold.

- Gloomwrought is a strange place. It constantly changes and shuffles itself around. No one seems to know why.

- The Raven Queen who rules the nightside of the planet is rumored to have uncovered some secret long ago that gives her power over death and a fondness for the cold.

- The Raven Queen has a friendly rivalry with the Fey Winter Court, and has been known to ally herself with them from time to time.

- Whatever the truth of the Raven Queen’s history, she seems to have ruled this half of the planet for as long as anyone can remember.

- Though she refuses to discuss the day side in public, rumors say that the Raven Queen is desperate for any information on what’s happening there. However, those who give her false information are said to be tortured in unimaginable ways, with no hope of death.

- The region of elemental chaos that exists between the two halves of the planet is extremely dangerous, and easy to become lost in. Some say it connects directly to the elemental planes. Very few of the expeditions that have occasionally been launched to try to reach the other side of the planet (and gather information to sell to the Raven Queen) through this rout have returned. Those few that have returned refuse to go back.

Ok, I think that’s enough for today, I may come back to this more from time to time, but it may be time to move on to other topics for a while.

Hope you’re enjoying these!

-The Duke of Brandonshire 🎲

Stephen B @DrOct