Catching up!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Oh well.

So since I last posted quite a bit has changed in my gaming life! Our space game wound down thanks to summer vacations, baby’s and lots of other life happening. We started playing Dungeon World for a while in a viking heavy setting, and have now moved on to playing Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS) in another part of the same world where our Dungeon World campaign took place. We’ve only had a couple of sessions of actual play of ACKS but I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far.

We’re playing the game in an Arabian Nights inspired setting, using the map, though not the actual setting, from Al Qadim (we’re taking a number of elements from it but not everything). One of the things I really enjoyed that we did for this setting was to play a modified game of Microscope to come up with the background and history for the setting. We’ve got a pretty interesting history set out for this corner of the world, and a lot of interesting cultures as a result. I highly recommend taking a look at Microscope if you’re interested in collaborating as a group to make a game world.

It’s also quite refreshing to play a game with rules and character generation this quick. The books aren’t as well organized as I’d like, but now that I’ve learned where to find all the bits of info I need to make characters it’s pretty fast, especially if you use the templates in the book.

I’m also enjoying the rules from the ACKS Players Companion for making custom classes and races. We’ve already decided that there aren’t really any dwarves in this setting (well there might be, but they’re uncommon and they’ll have come from the south, the same viking inspired area we played in for our DW mini-campaign), and we’ve simply modified the dwarf template a little to replace them with Gnolls. We’re also working on creating our own version of the Sha’ir class from Al-Qadim for ACKS. It’s a neat system.

We’re really just getting started on this campaign but its been fun so far. I’m hoping we’ll actually make good on our plan to rotate GMing duties. I’ve already downloaded the Dessert of Desolation series from to peruse and I’m thinking about other possible adventures for the stable of characters to tackle. Should be fun!

What are you playing?

Good gaming!

-The Duke of Brandonshire 🎲

Stephen B @DrOct