The Gates of Dwimmermount are Open!

I’m several days late on this but birthday celebrations and being on vacation have taken up the time I’d have normally put into this sort of thing. But it’s a rainy day here at the lake so I’ve got some blogging time.

The last time I talked about Dwimmermount I was hopeful it’d still get done, but things were still pretty grim.

Although it took over a year from that point (and around 2 and a half from when it was originally scheduled to come out) it looks like my optimism wasn’t in vain! Dwimmermount is finally here! The version for the Labyrinth Lord system is done and available for purchase. You can get the PDF at the link above, and the print copies should be in stores soon. The PDF’s of the Map booklet, and the Illustration book are also available. 

The version tuned for the Adventurer Conqueror King System (the one I’m getting in print as a Kickstarter backer) should be coming out next month, as should the mega-dungeon tracker, which looks like it’ll be a great way for a GM to keep track of the party’s progress through the dungeon and what all the various factions are up to. The mega-dungeon tracker also includes maps of each level, so it’s possible, if you’re only planning to use the maps for your own purposes as a GM you might want to wait and get that rather than the map booklet. Once I have them both I’ll be able to say a bit better on that though. The mega-dungeon tracker may also be most useful as a print product. I’ll write more about it once I have everything in hand.

Until several months ago even I had begun to lose hope for this project, as the slow but steady progress on it seemed to come to a halt several months back. There had been somewhat frequent updates and videos of production meetings between +Tavis Allison  and the others working on the book, but at some point those seemed to come to a halt. We didn’t hear anything about the project for several months.

Then, several months ago we got lucky and +Alexander Macris got some time to work on the project after working on Domains At War. Suddenly we weren’t just seeing meetings about how to proceed, we started seeing completed drafts of chapters, and lots of them. In a few short months the project was more or less done!

The Labyrinth Lord version above is probably closer to +James Maliszewski‘s original vision (though not exactly, a lot of work went into completing it after he left the project, though I hold out hope that he may some day return to the project and give us his “auteur” version), but I’m personally most excited about the ACKS version. The ACKS version is in layout now and if things go according to schedule, I expect it’ll be out around the middle of September. This is the version I’m most excited about. I think having an example mega-dungeon, and surrounding area with towns and domains all charted out will be very valuable and useful for people trying to get a handle on how ACKS really works. And even better since we’ll have both that and the LL version to compare we also get an example of how to convert something from one system into ACKS. Finally, I think the new monsters, spells, and other such things that this project will be adding to the ACKS repertoire will be really useful.

I’ve read the LL version of the dungeon in bits and pieces as the drafts were completed but I haven’t ready the whole thing together as a completed project yet. I’ll be doing that soon (though I may wait for my print copy of the ACKS version to do a real review). But from what I’ve seen, even though the dungeon is fairly vanilla, especially at the beginning (it get’s weirder and more interesting as you go deeper), it looks like a lot of fun. There are definitely some interesting mysteries to be solved and some fun looking encounters in there. I’m a player who really enjoys exploration and I think this dungeon would be something I would be really excited to explore as a player.

Anyway, if you’re interested in a huge, interesting, somewhat traditional, dungeon to use in your campaign or even just to read and pull ideas from I think you’ll find Dwimmermount worth picking up. More to come as I delve further into it.

Good gaming!
-The Duke of Brandonshire 🎲

Stephen B @DrOct