Dwimmerount is (basically) Complete!

It’s been a bit since my last update, but just as a quick update, the Adventurer Conqueror King System version of  Dwimmermount and the Dungeon Tracker are both now available in PDF formats. At this point All of the Dwimmerount products promised by the Kickstarter can now be found on DriveThruRPG.

I haven’t really dug into the ACKS version of Dwimmermount just yet. My print copy is at the printers and I kind of want to wait to really dig in until I have that. I’m very excited to have the dungeon in my hand and to see an example of a mega dungeon (and surrounding area, including towns and villages and such) fully statted out for ACKS, with trade routes, market classes, the whole shebang. Statted out by none other than +Alexander Macris no less! I also think the additional monsters, spells, and items from this dungeon will be useful for the ACKS community at large.

Dwimmermount Dungeon TrackerThe Dungeon Tracker looks like it’ll be SUPER helpful in running a dungeon like this and I think could provide a pretty good model for accessories for future megadungeons. Each level of the dungeon get’s a two page spread, on one side is a map of the level keyed with lots of useful information (like the location of traps, monsters, hideouts for factions, and other items of interest), on the other side is space to track what the party did in the level, information on the various factions and other items that require a bit of explanation, as well as a short bit of history about the level that might help inform how a DM describes things (like the general architecture and such). It’s also got space to keep track of the actions of the factions, and rival NPC parties, and how they interact with one another and the party. It’s even got charts for possible quests and other such things. I’m very excited to get my print version which will have laminated pages so it can be written on using wet-erase markers. I really think something like this’ll be very helpful in keeping track of everything that happens while a party explores the mega-dungeon. We’ll have to see how it works in practice, but I hope others take note of this product.

(And I’d also like to point out to +Tavis Allison and +Alexander Macris that you now have a model to work from for this sort of thing, you should consider making up new trackers for any future dungeons you publish for ACKS.)

Anyway, I should soon have my print copies, and then this project will finally be complete! It’s been a long road, but I’m excited to get the final products. This really does look like a fun dungeon, and a cool mini-campaign setting. I think it should be fun to run pretty much as is, but it should also be a gold mine for ideas and things to take and move elsewhere.

Though I know it was a long hard road, and caused no small amount of pain, everyone involved should be proud of these books. +James Maliszewski should be proud. It was his ideas, his drafts of the dungeon, and his imagination that the dungeon came from, without his work and imagination this product would not exist in any form. Of course everyone from Autarch should be very proud too. They took James’ ideas and drafts and really turned them into something very well polished and impressive. They took a project that was in trouble for a while, and turned out a set of very fine products.

I look forward to running it some day, hopefully soon! 🎲

Stephen B @DrOct