Savage Worlds Sale and Apocalypse World Bundle

I’m terrible at blogging, but want to try to get back into it.

Nothing to substantive today but I did want to point people at a couple of deals going on right now that might be of interest.

First there’s a sale going on on Savage Worlds books. I haven’t played any Savage Worlds in a little while, but it is still definitely one of my favorite systems. It’s a very flexible system that’s been used for any number of different kinds of games. A lot of that variety is reflected in the sale. That being said, if you want to create your own world or game the core book will get you most of the way to almost any sort of setting you’d want to create. Highly recommended!

Second there is an Apocalypse World bundle over at Bundle of Holding that’s a great deal. You get the original game, and a whole bunch of hacks and remixes of it. AW is another system that’s incredibly flexible and has been moved into lots of different directions to make lots of very different kinds of games, a bunch of which are represented here. This is a really great deal!

Anyway, I don’t want this blog to only be me talking about sales and stuff, but I want to get into the habit of writing about stuff while I’m thinking about it and remembering that I do have this blog here to do that with, so sometimes it’ll be simple things like mentioning deals on games I like, and hopefully most of the time it’ll be other stuff.

Thanks for reading! 🎲

Stephen B @DrOct