The Venture Brothers Season 7 Just Had it's Turning Point Episode

I’ve been enjoying this season of The Venture Brothers, but it wasn’t until this week’s episode (which I just watched) that I felt like it really came together. Now I’m not just enjoying it. I’m loving it.

Every season at the start I feel a little worried that it’s just going to be ok. The first several episodes are always funny and good, but also taken on their own are just good, but not as great as you usually expect from the show. But every season at some point it all comes together and the season really takes off. Those early episodes were set up for what comes later and in hindsight they usually get even better. I’m very excited to see where the season goes from here.

This season they’ve added a lot of history to the universe in the last several episodes, and I’m starting to see a real arc forming that should be the mix of hilarious, smart, and poignant that I love about The Venture Brothers.

Anyway, Season 7 just came together for me. I can’t wait for the rest.

Go Team Venture! 📺

Stephen B @DrOct