Comic Book Recomendation: These Savage Shores

Just a quick comic book recommendation. I recently downloaded and read the first (and for the moment only) issue of These Savage Shores on the recommendation of the guys from House to Astonish. Boy I’m glad I did! The art (by Sumit Kumar) is REALLY gorgeous, and the story (by Ram V) was great (and looks to be going in interesting directions). I’ve already set up a subscription to it.

The issue opens with a vampire in London in 1766 being banished by the other vampires for being too indiscreet. He’s sent to India. He arrives with a fairly arrogant attitude about what his place in this new society is going to be. He quickly learns that India has its own monsters. I won’t say anything more as I don’t want to spoil it (if you want to hear more before buying listen to the above linked episode of House to Astonish they do a great job of discussing it without any real spoilers). It’s very much worth reading. I’ll leave you with a couple of beautiful images from the comic. 📚

Stephen B @DrOct