Some Needed Improvements to and Mastodon Communication

So I’ve very much been enjoying being able to follow Mastodon users in, but I have noticed a few issues with the implementation that I assume are still being worked out by @manton

Pictures Pictures in Mastodon posts don’t always seem to display in the timeline. They seem to sometimes, and I even recall early on one post that was empty, and then a little while later the picture showed up, but it seems like most of the time pictures in Mastodon Posts aren’t displayed in the timeline. I’ve seen a lot of seemingly empty posts, or posts that clearly refer to a picture, and I then have to fire up my Mastodon client and look at them from my account to see what it’s about. I’d like to be able to just use my account most of the time.

Conversations I generally have my preferences set to only show replies to people I also follow, as it can get to be a bit much to see parts of conversations that don’t involve me all the time. But I also like to be able to click on “conversation” on a post and see what others have said about it, including people I don’t follow. Unfortunately, the conversation feature doesn’t seem to work quite right with Mastodon users. 1) The biggest issue is that any replies to other mastodon users, including ones I follow, don’t get displayed if I have my preferences set to only show replies to people I also follow. 2) In either situation if I click on “conversation” on a Mastodon post, I generally don’t see any of the replies to the post from other Mastodon users, though sometimes I’ll see some if I have my preferences set to show all replies, but it seems to be inconsistent in either case.

Ideally in the timeline Mastodon users and users (and presumably also Indyweb webmention users, though I haven’t see any of those yet) should all work pretty much the same way. If I follow a Mastodon user, and someone else I follow on Mastodon posts a reply to that user I’d like to see it. And in any case if I click on “conversation” on a post by a Mastodon user I’d like to see all replies to that post, wherever they came from.

I have a few other things I’m thinking about with this integration but they aren’t so much bugs as thoughts about how to implement things (and whether to implement them), but the above two issues feel like bugs or things that aren’t quite finished yet, and are causing the most frustration for me.

In the end, even in the state it’s in now, I’m very much enjoying the ActivityPub integration and think it’s a great new feature that’s got me even more excited about I’d just like to see it be as good as it can be!

Stephen B @DrOct